Discount Cloth Napkins

Discount cloth napkins – Libeco linen – Quilts linens.

Discount Cloth Napkins

discount cloth napkins


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discount cloth napkins – Lilypad LunchMates

Lilypad LunchMates Set of 5 Reusable Cloth Napkins
Lilypad LunchMates Set of 5 Reusable Cloth Napkins
Need the perfect napkin to put in your little one’s lunch? Want to do something great for the environment at the same? You can save thousands of paper towels and paper napkins with these adorable cloth napkins. This is a set of 5 reusable cloth napkins and they come in coordinating Vintage Boy, Bright Fun Boy, Flower Girl and Bright Girlie Girl. Why so vague? We are using repurposed fabric to keep it all out of the landfill. That means we’re not purchasing “styles” to sell, rather we are using the fabric that we liberated from the cutting facility as well as our excess fabric that would typically just get tossed! We promise to only use great prints and we will coordinate all the fun fabrics in true Lilypad Baby style. Please indicate style choice in notes during checkout!

Green Cred

Green Cred
What: Well aged cloth napkins.
Origin: I broke up with most household paper products in the early 90s. (About when I bought these…)
Last used: Within the last couple of weeks. See confession.
Why kept: They’re Perfectly Good. Kind of. See confession.
Destination: Textile recycling of some ilk, see confession.

Confession: Casual cloth napkins weren’t so easy to find in the early 90s, and I recall scoring these on deep discount in a mail order catalogue, back before it seemed possible to stem the flow of that time suck! I loved them, many of which are now too stained to be put out for guests.

When I left on vacation, I took these into my suitcase. (Thus they are out of my house, albeit still in the bottom of my suitcase at this moment.) My thought was to repurpose them into something else…we’ll see what happens to them in the next few days.

(I feel the siren’s call of the tote bag! It’s either that, or off to textile recycling. They will not be toted back to NYC.)

Holly homemaker, fill up my glass

Holly homemaker, fill up my glass
My October submission to Tie One On. I picked up this cloth napkin at Target on the discount table. I thought it was bright, cheery and could be a tad ironic when paired with a cocktail dress, pearls and a swishy glass of wine for a Holly Homemaker halloween costume.
discount cloth napkins

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